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This is the Eggman Empire page where there is info on eggman so injoy

    Eggman is a big fat geinus who is shaped like an egg.He is really smart and can make advancuve machines and millons of robots.One day he wishs he could counker the world and make it the Eggman Empire but he could but Sonic always stop him in his tracks but one thing about Eggman he never gives up just like Bowser in the Mario series.His great grand father genral Robot was in control of of the Coluny Ark in space and he was sent to jail somehow and wanted reveng,so he built an ultiment wepon called project Shadow.Robotnikkes daughter Mariah was friends with Shadow but then some gaurds came and was going to get them so Shadow was locked up in prison island for 50 years intel Dr.Eggman realsed him and caused trouble[as seen this story in Sonic battle 2]When Eggman has choas Emeralds he can make better and stronger machines to deafet Sonic and friends but dosen't susid.He uses small helpless animals in side robots for more power but is not good for the animals.Dr.Eggman's age is unowed.Well thanks for reading the Eggman Empire page,injoy[again]


I'll get that hedgehog



I'm a Genuis