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Hello this is the chachter page were u get info of Sonic chachters so injoy injoy injoy


                                         Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic is the best,he's faster than the speed of light,a good hero,and who has helpful friends.Sonic is 15.Sonic's first game was Sonic the hedgehog in 1991 and coutaind to to Sonic The Hedgehog 2 in 1992 which wern't good graphic's but then the games got more more better they needed other systems for it becase later playstaion ran out saga and now u can see Sonic on gamecube,X-box and even ps2.There are also seven choas emeralds;red,orange,silver,purple,green,blue,light bule,they coutain lots of power when some one has it say a hero or villan.Sonic can't really swim but he's not afraid of drowning just getting wet.Sonic's eyes are green.When Sonic is in trouble somtimes one of his friends gives him a gold ring this ring can make Sonic way faster and stronger than before but will lose the power.Will I hope you like Sonic's profile[injoy]  


                                             Miles Tails Prower
   This is Tails,Sonic's best friend heck they even acked like brothers.Tails real name is Miles Tails Prower but his friends just call him tails.Tails is only eight and some light to call him ten.Tails ryes are light blue.Tails has two Tails and if he spins them really fast he can fly for a time or attack with them.Tails is like Dr.Eggman expect not big,fat,or evil will really he is a genius too.He has ideas and plans  and what to do with da emeralds.He has build a marvalis machine called the tornado[it's an airplane]it can fly high and can shoot lazers and other wepons.The Tornado has two special forms;one can go really fast and has lots more acarasy for emergenes.And the other one is the tornado can turn into a walking machine with hover boots many wepons and...well thats it.Tails first game was Sonic 2 in 1992 and his own game was Tails Adventure.well thanks for reading this profile!    


                                          Knuckles The Echidna
   Knuckles is a reval against Sonic dosen't mean they don't work togather.Knuckles is eighteen and well he's a big boy now.Knuckles was born on angle island alone to gaurd the Master Emerald and Knuckles is series with his job,thays him tuff guy.If the Master Emerald would to be stolen Angle island would fall and crash.The Master Emerald is like the controler to the other Emeralds and is the biggest one.Knuckles has really strong fists that can break brick can did throw durt thanks to his shuffle claws.Knuckles can glide and climb walls.Knuckles eyes are purple.Knuckles was never alone long long time ago his tribe had a story in the choas DX game and with many echidna thats like him,even girl ones but he could always remember them.Knuckles is the worlds greatest tresure hunter and yet with his martial arts nothing gets in his way!Thanks for readin this profile  


                                                 Amy Rose
  Amy is a normal hedgehog oh sorry i  forgot the CRAZY love for Sonic!Amy really loves Sonic but Sonic shows no love for Amy because he always has better things to do as save the world or to run around but Amy won't stop intel there marryed!Amy 's first game is that she was kidnapped in Dr.Robotnikes hands and Sonic went to save her then they became very fast friends.The game was called Sonic CD in 1993 hey thats the year i was born.Amy has care for lots of things expect evil and will help anybody expect evil.Amy's best friend is chess and she has green eyes and is 12.She carrys a really realy big red,pink hammer and if she loses her hammer she'll just appare with another one.You think she's a nice girly girl but shes a crazy evil beaten machine and can get really angery.thanks for reading this profile.


                           Cream The Rabbit and her choa
   Cream is a most wonerful friend to every one and choa is very helpful.Cream is six years old and thats why she has a kids mind.Cream can fly with her bunny ears but no longer than how far tails can fly.Cream's first game was Sonic Advance 2 in 2003.Cream has a Mom named Vanilla and her eyes are brown and when shes in danger and no one's there she can use her choa as a ball that can rip throw machine.Also her choa sidekick has a nick name,Chese.Chese has a brother named Chocla that is a brown choa[you can see if you beat the story of team rose on Sonic Heros]There is many more choa's than Chese and they look the same and they can fly.Cream loves picking flowers and playingwith someone and will thanks for reading this 2 person profile.


                          Shadow The Ultiment lifeform
   Shadow the Hedgehog could be Sonic's clone could be not?General Robotnike made project Shadow butthe real Shadow beast was the Final Hazred in Sonic Battle 2 which Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow sent away using choas control and far awat on another part of the galixy but only Sonic survied but not Shadow.Later in the time of Sonic Heros Shadow is alive but he was only robot identical of the real one.Now one nows Shadows age well it  could be 50 but i don't now.With a choas emerald he could do choas control that slowed time down.50 years later after Shadow was sealed into that capusal thingy Dr.Eggman woked him up and well thats how sonic battle 2 starts.Shadow has an attack called choas spear which can dameg his a oppent alot.Also like Sonic Shadow can't swim either.Well thanks for reading Shadows profile injoy.


                                         Rouge The Bat
  Rouge is a bat who is one great tresure hunter.Rouge is a Bat who loves;jewles,emeralds and dimonds and she can steal them like that even throw top secruity.Rouge is crazy about this stuff so if she see's a emerald she would try to get it no madder what.Rouge works for the presedent and get data of guys with being with them protinding to help them as Shadow.Rouge first game apperence is Sonic Battle 2 in 2002 where she helped Dr.Eggman and Shadow in the space colony ark.Rouge's battle exprience is powerful,she can hit the ground,turning into a tornado onto the ground making a big bomb attack,also she can do other moves like kick throw brick.Rouge has a little crush on Knuckles but she dosen't like ammpeting it.She can fly real high with her bat wings.Thanks for reading this profile!!!  


                                             Metal Sonic
   Metal Sonic is a normal robot who looks like Sonic expect its evil.Metal Sonic was created by the hands of Eggman and was created to destory Sonic in a heroic battle but failed.Metal Sonic's first game was Sonic the Hedgehog CD where Dr.Robotnike made a machine that did what Sonic did and kiddnped Amy Rose then Sonic came and won.On Sonic Heros Metal Sonic came back and copyed the Data of every team even choas!and after that it was so powerful it transedform into a beast with every bodys powers but super Sonic and his friends ended his terror[to see pictures of metal Sonic final go to the photo gallery]Scence Metal Sonic is a robot it has know age so it could last for ever.Metal Sonic can fly,have good battle skills and can shoot veries guns,lazers and bombs.Thanks for reading this robo's profile injoy. 


  Choas is not a person or animal or robot but he lived longer than some of them at least.Choas is a liqid thing it can strecht far and can do cool moves.Choas 's first game was Sonic DX in 2003.Choas can turn into many beasts with the choas emeralds as you only get to see choas[normal]Choas 4 a bigger Choas with metal in its arms and Choas 6 which is like a big frog shaped body of Choas but with metal,more power and a long tail.When Choas gets all the emeralds he can become perfect choas,a humgas beast  that drows the city do make him stronger and he can shoot humungus lazer beams out of his mouth.Choas's one weakness is its brain.When Super Sonic beated the Perfect Choas he returned to normal and it was only friends the choas,protecter of the emeralds or master emerald and lived back into the past with tital or somthing like and lived happily ever after.thanks for readin this profile  


                                  The Choatix Team
  I did all three of these guys just cause.These guys Espio,Charmy and Vector are master detiteves[sue me if i spelled that wrong.These guys first game was Choatix in 1995 and there leader was Knuckles but not any more.Espio is the leader now,hes eyes are yellow,hes sixteen and he's a master ninja cammleon.Vector is the oldest,hes eyes are red and he is twenty and he is the tuffest Alagater.Charmy Bee is the smallest,he has orange eyes and he is six but he can fly and can still bee a fighting machine.When Espio,Charmy and Vector get a payin job from sombody they have know chioce but to complete there misson and get payed.Thanks for reading this profile.


                         Super Sonic And Hyper Shadow
   The Two most powerfulest in the universe.When Sonic or Shadow get all the choas emeralds togather the choas emeralds spins around them and they become Super or Hyper.Even when Super Sonic or Hyper Shadow are in water they could still drown!Super Sonic has been Super scence Sonic the Hedgehog.When Sonic is Super he can go triple faster than before and,fly fast and has super strength plus hes eyes turn red.When Sonic's Super he has gold skin and his hairs up and hes unstopable.When Shadow is Hyper he turns slilver coular and other than the power he looks.Thanks for reading the S.S and H.S profile